Castelul Venetian – din istoria Greciei

Un loc ce mi-a deschis dorinta de a-l vedea, de a-i descoperi radacinile, de a-i intelege sensul zidurilor, istoria pietrelor. A aparut chiar si un locuitor permanent, un strajer martor tacut al vremurilor apuse.


18 thoughts on “Castelul Venetian – din istoria Greciei

  1. Excellent castle Dragoscalionescu. You may not realise how fortunate you are to live in a place with such a long and vivid history. I have lived in the USA all my life and while there is much to see(if you can afford to travel); There is nothing over three hundred years old or approximately.
    This is my first time speaking to someone from Romania. I have heard that it is a beautiful country and has wonderful, welcoming people from an aquaintance who visited about ten years ago. One day perhaps I will get the chance to visit also. But as I am 54 years old, it doesn’t seem likely.
    So, if you have a minute; I would really like to know just a couple of things while I have this chance.

    How do YOU pronounce the name of your country?
    How is life for the average Romanian now?
    How do you see the U.S.?

    I am a Liberal supporter of Barack O bama who has; as you may know; just won re-election. I and my fellow Liberals often discuss how people in other nations see us. It is our hope to influence our foreign policy to become a better neighbor to the world and drastically reduce our military involvement where it is unwanted or unneeded. Just so you know where I stand. I discovered your site through another site I read; “Tale of My Heart”. Zahir write some stirring things. Tragic stories. I hope you get back to me. If you prefer; my e-mail address is
    Peace to you and yours.

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